Vince Celdran 01-27-16

Vince Celdran is our Massage Therapist member. Vince started VRC Massage and Wellness in 2012. He described massage therapy as all about touch. His staff are certified as massage therapists.

There are several categories of massage therapy: therapeutic, Swedish (long stokes used for blood problems that can lead to infections), Deep Tissue (used to treat shortened muscles), Tai Yoga massage (Vince described this as “Lazy Yoga” to open up the energy highway), Hot Stone Massage (to open up the muscles) and Orthopedic/Sports (to fucus on joint to loosen up muscles and tendons, loosen up adhesions).

Vince stated that it is important to do an assessment – look at a clients pain issues, posture, and focus on body structure to develop a treatment plan. Vince also described his services as helping with client pain management. Vince passed out brochures that described his various packages and his membership program for helping clients plan for scheduled regular appointments. Remember Vince Celdran and VRC Massage and Wellness when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for massage therapy.

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