Vince Celdran 05-08-19

Vince talked about how massage can optimize your oxygen intake. This is important because although we can survive three weeks without food, 3 days without water, we survive only 3 minutes without oxygen so we should maximize what we take in.

Sitting too long, repetitive stress, or just stress in our daily lives tightens muscles and capillaries restricting flow of oxygen and nutrients. Massages loosens the muscles and restores proper flow.

Vince customizes his massages according to a persons needs and length of time. He has the Magnificent 7 which has 7 different types of massages in 120 minutes. Nirvana Therapy has 5 in 90 minutes and Soothing Therapy has 3 in 60 minutes.

Give Vince a call to schedule a massage to relieve your stresses.

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