Yoni Oinounou 04-29-20

Yoni troubleshoot and repair now not only provides assistance with getting your home entertainment setup, but also home office equipment and software as well.

Yoni gave us some insight on the differences between Windows 7 and 10, and how Microsoft discontinued support for Windows 7 and will be for 10 as well.  He has been able to assist many clients with getting them updated to the latest version.

Webcams and streams to additional screens are also jobs that he’s been working on.  Although many suppliers are out of webcams, Yoni does have access to inventory for these products, so if you are looking for any upgrades to your current webcam setup, please contact him.

He also gave us information on USB-C plugs, and its versatile functionality.  It will become the new standard, and can provide you with more use, including supplying sufficient power to display screens if necessary.

For more information on any of the services and products Yoni is able to provide, visit https://skokiechamber.org/member_groups/home-theater-setup-repair/ to obtain his contact information.

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